Randal Henry: I work hard, live hard, play hard, love hard

Author: Movember
I’m passionate about public health. As a UCLA-trained Dr. of Public Health my life has been dedicated to working on public health issues, primarily injury/violence prevention, mental health and chronic disease prevention.

As a man’s man, I’m passionate about men’s health. I work hard, live hard, play hard, love hard and try to be a good Dad, brother, uncle, friend and mentor to the men in my life. I’m passionate about men’s health because I love my wife and I want to be around to keep loving her for a long time. Because I want to be a dad for a long time. And because I know what it is to lose someone early to a treatable/preventable disease.

I first got involved with Movember as a way of connecting with other men around key issues impacting men’s health – and to have some fun. My wife’s co-workers started a Movember team and I joined it to learn more about the Movember approach. We had fun and got a lot of people in our network to discuss important health topics. Also, on a more serious note, I have two brothers who are prostate cancer survivors. I’m dedicating my Movember efforts to my Big Bros, whom I love dearly.  

As part of my job, I’ve worked on men’s health issues in one form or another throughout my public health career, in hospitals and clinics. In those settings it’s often difficult to discuss men’s health issues. The conversations became serious rather too quickly, making it difficult to talk about everyday topics in a ‘down-to-earth’ manner. It’s turned out that my involvement with Movember has become a great way of introducing the topic of men’s health – especially prostate cancer and mental health – in a way that doesn’t turn men off. It’s a lot easier to talk about why I cut my moustache, than to ask friends or family if they’ve had their prostate checked lately.

I’m inspired to motivate men to take care of themselves and their health because I don’t want them to die a premature death. I want them living, loving, and working to make their communities safe, healthy and happy places to live. I’m also motivated by the early deaths of my Grandpa and Uncle Frank, two men who died much too soon and who are still greatly missed.

Randal Henry, Mo Bro since 2015
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