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To change the face of men's health
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Glen Hodgson
40 Week(s) Ago

How's about some donations for this little beaut growing on my face?

Myles Versfeld posted a photo on The Captain's Beard's page
43 Week(s) Ago

what kind of toche will you have?

Donation received
37 Week(s) Ago
R 500
from Charles Orsmond

Donation received
41 Week(s) Ago
R 300
from Glen Hodgson

Kevin Sanders: I ran 5.13 km00:30:11
38 Week(s) Ago

Glen Hodgson: I ran 6.01 km00:35:27
39 Week(s) Ago

Glen Hodgson: I ran 5.19 km00:36:33
41 Week(s) Ago

Shaun Piercy: I worked out 01:00:00
42 Week(s) Ago

Chris Botes: I worked out 00:48:00
42 Week(s) Ago

Monday session done

Kevin Sanders: I ran 5.08 km00:31:07
43 Week(s) Ago

Kevin Sanders: I ran 5 km00:31:49
45 Week(s) Ago

Kevin Sanders: I ran 5.14 km00:31:15
45 Week(s) Ago

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