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My motivation

I feel very passionate about getting people to be aware of cancer, of how to check for it, that it can be managed and most importantly, that it can be beaten. This is not about being cool, or growing moustaches, but about being a collective acknowledgement across the world, it's about standing up along with millions of other people and saying "We care, we will make a stand"
I'm supporting men's health I've done a health check
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R 7,678
Target: R 2,500
Chris has raised R 9,378 since 2003


R 12,869
Team funds raised
Team Captain Shaun Piercy

My Move challenge

7 Moves
Target: 20
Train at least 5 hours per week in the gym, and 5 hours in the road, either cycling or running/walking

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Donation received
21 Week(s) Ago
R 7,365
from John Benn Limited

Donation comes 50% from Featherbed Company in Knysna, and 50% from Knysna Adventures

Team donation received
25 Week(s) Ago
R 13
from Charles Orsmond

Donated R500 to The Captain's Beard and split it evenly between all team members.

Team donation received
29 Week(s) Ago
R 300
from Glen Hodgson

Donation received
30 Week(s) Ago
R 300
from Chris Botes

I worked out 00:45:00
28 Week(s) Ago

I cycled 45 km02:33:00
28 Week(s) Ago

I walked 5 km00:48:00
28 Week(s) Ago

I worked out 01:00:00
28 Week(s) Ago

I worked out 01:00:00
29 Week(s) Ago

I cycled 22 km01:05:00
29 Week(s) Ago

I worked out 00:48:00
29 Week(s) Ago

Monday session done

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