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Industry Challenges

Do you have what it takes to be captain of your industry? During Movember, join one of our Industry Challenges to compete with other fundraisers across your sector and around the country. There are prizes and rewards on offer, plus the chance to claim bragging rights for a year. Check out the Industry Challenges that are on offer in 2017:

The Construction Challenge

Construction companies of South Africa, build a rock solid Mo team and seize the chance to battle the leaders in the construction industry and fight for Men's health.

The Mobile Mo's Challenge

Calling all the telecommunications leaders - get talking and become the talk of the town while growing that Mo.


The Legal Mo's Challenge

Legal Mo's, object about being left out of this challenge and build a winning team to fight for Men's health.

The Financial Challenge

Grow + Mo = Save a Bro! Calling all financial guru's to take part in the financial network challenge. Be accountable for growing the best Mo and help support the face fo Men's health.

The Technology Challenge

Mo-tech savvy? Stay up to date by challenging the tech Mo's from the leading technology industries to help men live longer and happier lives.

The Automotive Challenge

Race to the finish line to see who grows the best Auto-Mo. Join the Automotive challenge and change the face of Men's health.


The Energy Challenge

Oil and Petrol companies: build your teams! Challenge some of the leaders, BP, Sasol, Shell & Engen to change the face of Men's health.

Ad Industry Mo-off

Missed that feathery award? Here is the chance to redeem your street cred - Calling on South African's Creative Ad Industry to participate in this innovative Network Challenge and compete for the cover title as hairiest Agency of the year.

Black Bottle Barber Network Challenge

Our friends at Black Bottle have created the first Barber Network Challenge, targeting distributors of supporting partner, Captain’s Beard. Barbers groom your clientele to sign up under your favourite barber to be rewarded with prizes & products through their Barber shops for the coveted title of Black Bottle's Barber of the Year 2016 and earn them the street cred they deserve.

Sun International Captains of Industry

Major Partners, Sun International, enjoy tremendous success with the CEO's Sleep-out Challenge, are challenging CEO's and Captains of Industry to a hairy Mo-down in South Africa's boadrooms.


Go Bowling for Movember

The timeless sport of Lawn bowls returns with Movember, South Africa's longest running community engagement event staged on Saturday 19th November at the Fresnaye Sports Club. Teams of 4 are to sign up to the Network Challenge. Space is limited, so enter now

Jerry's Burger Joint Hospitality Network Challenge

Support the place of Burger, Craft and Shine this Movember and let the Jerry's staff entice you with a Movember Jerry's burger at any of the 5 burger joints whilst challenging you to Grow your Mo.

Friends of Nixon

Nixon joined on as Major Partners, sponsoring a range of watches. Keeping time and ensuring our Mo's don't lose out on a second for this challenge.


Saddle up to take the challenge and participate in the inaugural Spin-Mo-Thon. Get your team together of 3 or more to challenge the local celebrities and sports stars.